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About Us

Who or WHAT?! is an Ifey or a Blue?

Ifey & Blue are better known as Kara and Chris. Having met and become friends some years ago, their passi​on for baking soon became as obvious as the sparks between them. 

What We Love To Do


Ifey grew up watching Julia Child and spending Saturdays in the kitchen while her dad baked. She loves the nostalgia that baking brings her. From her family's Energy Cookies to Red Velvet Cake to hot chocolate bombs, her happy place is in the kitchen, her hands in flour and her oven preheated- baking her heart out. 


Give this man a flavor and stand back. Just watch the wheels in his head turn and then be stunned by what creation he unveils. He excels in cheesecakes, often finding nonconventional flavors and pairings for them but don't for a second think that's all he can do! Cakes, cookies, hot chocolate bombs- Blue's a real threat in a kitchen!

Our Mission

It's absolutely divine to be able to share your passion with others. There is nothing like watching others enjoy the fruits of your love labor. Into each and every product we make, we pour our hearts. We use the best ingredients and strive to bring joy and happiness to the little moments and the big events. There is not much that a cup of hot chocolate or a chocolate chip cookie can't make better. From our kitchen to yours, we promise amazing quality, sublime flavors and little bit of love. 

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